IMPLEMENTIS is a group of senior consultants that combined forces to group their experience and know-how in the field of productivity consulting. IMPLEMENTIS supports customers in the realization of measurable improvements through implementation projects. We not only support our customers in the realization of these improvements, we also contractually guarantee the projected results.

How can we provide this service? We are able to guarantee our results through the development and implementation of customized management systems, supported by a program of individual coaching and collective workshop sessions. These management systems have been implemented in several industries over the past years, with a track record of successful results.

In our projects, we focus on the implementation of sustainable solutions. We operate in full collaboration with all management levels in your organization to maximize the impact of our intervention at the point of execution.

We remain present in your organization until all project targets are achieved. The perpetuation of your results is secured by a complete transfer of our know-how and expertise towards your organization.

We contractually guarantee savings potential to our clients with an R.O.I. between 1.5:1 and 2.5:1.