Aerospace / Foundering
Frank Toussaint




Franck accomplished a French MBA at one of France’s top business schools (ESC Reims) in 1987. Around the same period of time, he was also awarded for the German Diploms-Betriebswirt, an equivalent MBA degree from the Reutlingen University Business School (ESB) in Germany. As a trilingual generalist with specific knowledge and acquired experience in M&A, International Finance and Corporate Law, Franck managed to obtain leading positions in mainly American multinationals seeking integration in the European landscape. Some of his career steps include Hewlett Packard, SE and VITAULIC Inc., where his involvement in the development of management strategic platforms for the German market resulted for him in a position of youngest senior executive in the company. Franck has been actively involved in the field of operational consultancy for more then 10 years now, essentially in the area of business development. His passion outside work is to be found in snowboarding, mountain biking, jogging, playing blues and cooking. Franck has 2 sons of the age of 9 and 13.