Aerospace / Foundering
Sebastien Lahaye




S├ębastien completed his degree in Business Economics in 2001 at the Simon Stevin College in Bruges His first year he worked for the Daylight Display Systems Department of BARCO, an international company specialized in Medical Electronics, as a marketing assistant and event coordinator. When the opportunity presented itself to further develop his event coordination skills, he joined the Advertising Company B.AD. (Belgium Advertising) to become an independent event coordinator. Afterwards he decided it was time for a change in his career and in 2005 he started working for a Swiss consultancy group where he was trained as a change management consultant. S├ębastien is specialized in productivity coaching and the realization of productivity improvements in manufacturing environments. He was actively involved in several projects in different industries throughout Europe. In his position as a management consultant, his focus was mainly related to the optimization of purchasing systems, maintenance areas and production departments.