These meetings are intended to provide you with additional information about our company and our approach during a future collaboration. To customize our way of working to your operations, it is in most cases advisable to perform a brief plant tour in your company to focus on potential areas of improvement. Furthermore we have the opportunity to discuss the specifications of your particular industry and to define the scope of the analysis.


The analysis is a feasibility study to determine the potential for improvement in your specific organization after a thorough revision of the internal structure, the operations, and the behavior of the local management. We will only make you a proposition for a project, when we have identified sufficient potential to achieve a substantial result on your investment.
The deliverables of the analysis are:

  • A visualization of your existing management system
  • A quick scan of your process flows and bottlenecks
  • A benchmark of your performance and structure
  • A calculation of the improvement potential in €
  • A custom made approach for a project plan
  • A savings realization plan with resources & timeframe
  • An investment / payback / cash flow projection


project generally lasts between 6 and 8 months. We normally start with a detailed analysis of the root cause linked to the major bottlenecks that were identified during the analysis. Once we have investigated the real causes of the symptoms, we develop several solutions to avoid these issues through the use of a management system toolbox. This toolbox contains a set of reports, worksheets, programs and workshop sessions reaching from communication to operational excellence and lean manufacturing. These solutions were developed over the years to optimize targets, planning, follow up and reporting in several industries and are implemented after customization to your organization. To sustain the achieved results, we will provide you with the complete package of know how and material which enabled your people to achieve the project targets.

Project Overview